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Abrasive nozzles are used to create a high-velocity directional mixture of abrasive and air or hydro-flow, which is necessary for cleaning, rounding, leveling surfaces, as well as spraying various substances.


  • Possible to produce from aluminum oxide, zirconium ceramic and their composites
  • Ceramics material is advantageous to other materials in terms of chemical and physical-mechanical properties
  • Using ceramic material reduces the overall weight of the equipment
  • Abrasive blast nozzles with a Venturi effect, provide a wide contact patch of the abrasive with the surface and allow hign preservation of the kinetic energy (velocity) of the abrasive at the outlet of the nozzle
  • According to the test results, the service life of the NEVZ-Ceramics aluminum-zirconium nozzle composite is about 2000 hours, which exceeds the durability of any Chinese boron carbide nozzle by 2.18 times
Nozzle size range Indicator
Critical diamete 6,5 - 12 mm
Inlet diameter 36 mm
Nozzle length 130 - 170 mm



Comparative indicators of various types of ceramics.

The service life of nozzles made of aluminum-zirconium composite is significantly higher than of other types of ceramics.

Property Aluminum oxide Zirconium dioxide Composite
Wear resistance, hour 400 1000 2000
Density, g/cm3 ≥3,9 >6 >4,3
Vickers hardness, GPa 17-21 12-13 15-17