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Ceramic Lining


Aluminum oxide lining products AL2O3 (95 - 99,5 %) are designed to protect the working surfaces of equipment.


By application:

  • extended service life
  • reduced downtime due to extended maintenance cycle
  • reduced maintenance times
  • reduced production costs
  • sanitary and environmental safety

According to the characteristics:

  • production of different shapes
  • increased wear resistance (including impact loads, vibration loads, high pressure):
  • hardness
  • smooth surface
  • inertness to hostile environments (resistance to corrosion)
  • heat resistance
  • water resistance



Used in flow transport systems, processing, mining and transport equipment:

  • spiral mining
  • driers
  • continuous conveyor systems
  • discharge, vibratiny dribble chutes
  • air separators
  • drum washer 
  • dust collection system
  • pipelines, pipe elbows
  • spiral bunkers
  • ball mills
  • bath solutions
  • mixing trays
  • screen loading trays
  • dump truck bodies
  • feeders
  • bunkers, cisterns
  • gutters
  • silos
  • shapers
  • impact plates
  • drains
  • receivers
  • and other industrial equipment


Product list (serial production)*

Name Shape

Grinding biconvex roller (d=13,4 mm, h=8-14 mm;  d=29 mm, h=11-24 mm)

Flat-end roller (d=13,4 mm, h=8-14 mm;  d=29 mm, h=11-24 mm)
Cylinder (d=32 mm, h=40 mm)
Нexagon (h=4-20 mm: 20*23 mm, 26*30 mm, 30*35 mm, 40*46 mm)
Radius tile (50*50 mm, R=410 mm, h=6-12 mm)
Flat tiles (50*50 mm, h=4-20 mm)
Auger blade
Lining tiles / conveyor roller (20*20 mm, h=4-8 mm)
U-shaped tile
Individually developed

*The company manufactures elements according to individual drawings / parameters


Properties of pressed ceramics Unit of measurement Value
Content AL2O3 % ≥98,5
Density g/cm3 ≥3,85
Microhardness GPa ≥16



Properties of slip cast ceramics Unit of measurement Value
Content AL2O3 % ≥95
Density g/cm3 ≥3,65
Microhardness GPa 13-15


Vickers Hardness