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The company has a technology of applying the following coatings to products:

  • Metallization
  • Glaze coating


An important feature of vacuum-tight ceramic materials is the ability to form vacuum-tight bonds with metals that allows creating structures, including ceramic parts, which articulate with each other.   The metallized and nickelled coating of ceramic products provide vacuum-tight, heat-resistant solders, when soldering with copper or silver-containing solders with metal collars and have high-quality adhesion of metallized coating with ceramics. Adhesion strength is not less 42 N/mm2.

NEVZ-Ceramics carries out metallization of ceramic products with pastes of its own production, which is based on molybdenum, for various types of ceramics and methods of application.

Glaze coating

The operation of ceramic insulators in high-power electrical installations determines the need to protect their outer surfaces. Glazing of the ceramic material provides this protection and also ensures that the high electrical performance of the devices is maintained.

NEVZ-Ceramics carries out the coating of ceramic products with water-based and chemical-based glazing of its own production for various methods of application.