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Quality control


Quality management of manufactured products is carried out on the process based approach to all management activities and is in full compliance with the international standards

The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Product quality management is based on a systematic approach to process control through control points:

  • Quality control of purchased materials (including supplier rating)
  • Operational control of semi-finished products in the production process 
  • Control of technological discipline at the production sites
  • Inspection of finished products
  • Conducting periodic and acceptance tests of products and materials



Parameters measured at all stages of production cycle, from input control to finished products. The measurements are carried out by Plant Laboratory and Nevz Testing Centre.

Equipment Measured Parameter
Dipatometer Temperature coefficient of linear expansion
Q-factor meter Dielectric constant, dielectric loss tangent
Teraohmmeter Specific volume resistance
Laser Particle Size Analyser Particle size distribution in suspensions and powders in the range of 0.1-2100 microns
Moisture meter Moisture content of suspensions and powders
Optical microscope with 6.3 Mpx camera Microstructure of ceramics, micrographs
Specific surface meter Finished surface of powders using Kozeny-Carman-Klinkenberg gas permeability method
Balance with accessories for hydrostatic weighing Apparent density, porosity and water absorption of ceramic materials
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Elemental composition
Scanning electron microscope with EDS-analysis module Micrographs and energy dispersive elemental microanalysis
Ultrasonic flaw detector The speed of propagation of ultrasound in the material at a frequency of 10 Mhz
Conductivity temperature meter Thermal conductivity of materials
Electromechanical test machine Mechanical tests for compression, tension, bending up to 1 ton
  Mechanical compression tests up to 50 tons
Microhardness tester Vickers hardness test
BET surface area analyser Specific surface area of powders according to the Brunaue -Emmett-Teller method
Spectrophotometer Concentration of solutions