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Конденсаторная (титаностронциевая) керамика

Magnesium orthosilicate based material. Type BF52.42-1 (MgO-52% and SiO-42%).


  • Vacuum dense material
  • Not subject to aging due to the absence of polymorphic transformation
  • Active brazing with titanium without preliminary metallization

Low values:

  • Dielectric constant (E<10)
  • Dielectric loss (tgb) at frequency 106 Hz
  • Secondary electron emission coefficient

High values:

  • Volume resistivity
  • Mechanical strength
  • Breakdown voltage

Areas of applications

  • Insulators for titanium ceramic lamps
  • Insulators for coaxial-wave modules


Dielectric constant, Е

                                                                                                                Dielectric loss tangent, tg*104