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Ceramics in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)

A fuel cell is a device that efficiently generates direct current and heat from fuel, through an electrochemical reaction.  In solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) the electrolyte is represented by solid ceramics with ionic conductivity.


In SOFC the energy of chemical transformations directly converted into electrical, without transition to heat. SOFC have the highest of the fuel cells effectiveness ratio (70 % and more) that work on all types of natural gas and are highly environmentally friendly. Service life of SOFC is about 4 years.

Together with the Institute of Solid State Physics, the company has developed a ceramic composition for manufacturing plates:


Plate type Composition Size, mm Power density of electrochemical cells
Three-dimensional solid electrolyte plate 6ScSZ/10Sc1YSZ/6ScSZ 100х100х0,15 0,3 W/cm2
Anode plate NiO-8YSZ 100х100х0,42 1,8 W/cm2


NEVZ-Ceramics is the only manufacturer of SOFC plates in Russia


Electrolyte plate fracture microstructure
The microstructure of the anode plate fracture
Solid electrolyte plate 100*100*0,15 mm and 50*50*0,15 mm

Anode support plate