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Personnel equipment

Ceramics are used in panels with protection classes Br4 and Br5 in accordance with the state standard of the Russian Federation (GOST P 50744-95) in combination with a substrate made of structural ballistic materials. This provides protection against bullets of automatic small arms of 7.62 mm caliber (AKM, AK-74 assault rifles, SVD sniper rifle).

Armored panel Ermak BR

Armored panel type Size Regulatory document Overall dimensions, mm Weight (+0,15) kg
Drawing ТУ
Ermak Br4 1 ТПВЕ.305424.039.012.00 ТУ
300х275х21 2,7
Ermak Br4 2 ТПВЕ.305424.039.014.00 324х275х21 2,85
Ermak Br4 MS ТПВЕ.305424.039.016.00 300х260х21 2,6
Ermak Br4 LS ТПВЕ.305424.039.018.00 325х260х21 2,75
Ermak Br5 1 ТПВЕ.305424.039.013.00 ТУ
300х275х24 3,25
Ermak Br5 2 ТПВЕ.305424.039.015.00 324х275х24 3,4
Ermak Br5 MS ТПВЕ.305424.039.017.00 300х260х24 3,1
Ermak Br5 LS ТПВЕ.305424.039.019.00 325х260х24 3,25